The Nurturing Programme is a structured ten-week interactive programme promoting emotional health and mental wellbeing, relationship skills and positive behaviour management strategies for parents/carers and their children.
The programme is underpinned by four parental behaviour patterns and these are defined as the building blocks of emotional health and relationship skills. The four constructs are, Self- awareness, Appropriate expectations, Positive discipline and Empathy. 

The programme content is aimed at parents of children at the stages of development to preschool (3-4 years old); and primary school, (aged 5-7 years), and middle childhood (aged 8-11 years). There is an additional specific programme for parents of teenagers. 


The Parent Programme aims to help parents understand and manage feelings and behaviour whilst becoming more positive and nurturing in their relationships with their children and each other.

The Nurturing Programme encourages an approach to relationships that gives children and parents an emotionally healthy springboard for their lives and their learning. 

  • Promotes emotional literacy and emotional health
  • Enhances self-worth, self-awareness and empathy 
  • Develops communication and relationship skills
  • Provides effective strategies to encourage co-operative, responsible behaviour and manage challenging behaviour in children. 


A Ten-week intervention that considers how positive parenting strategies relate to Islamic values and religious teaching. The programme extracts from the Quran and the sayings (hadiths) of the Prophet Mohamed. There is an opportunity to dicuss the differences between parenting styles based on cultural norms and practices, and the approach supported both by Islam and the Nurturing Programme. 

Nurturing Programme