Mellow Parenting:

This is a 13 week programme designed to support families with relationship problems with their infants and young children aged 5 or younger. Meeting once a week, the programme combines personal support on parenting problems through the use of video and direct work with parents and children.

The components of the programme are:

  • Emphasis on parental engagement and empowerment
  • Personal groups for parents 
  • Lap games and songs to promote mutual enjoyment
  • Individual analysis of video tape showing family mealtime
  • Activities and outings to practice new skills and build repertoire of skills
  • Structured parenting workshops
  • Homework practice to reinforce new skills
  • Built-in objective and subjective measures of change

Mellow Babies:

This is a 14 week programme and provides mums and dads with the support they need to develope strong relationships with thier new babies. topics covered include:

  • What babies do all day
  • What can babies do
  • Bonding with your baby
  • Emotional and social development
  • Sleep, playing , harmfull parenting and safety in the home. 

Mellow Bumps / Dads to be:

Research evidence has shown that stress in pregnancy has an adverse long term effect on the well-being of the child. Anxiety and depression in pregnancy are very strong indicators of post-natal mental health problems which have a damaging effect on the child. A mother’s general and mental health during pregnancy is one of the prime indicators of well-being for the baby.

This 6 week programme is designed to help mothers chill out and relax. The focus will be on what the baby can already do and what can be done to make him or her welcome. The groups will be small and held in a non-threatening environment where mothers are made to feel welcome and respected

Pregnancy can be especially hard for mothers who have not had a good childhood, are under stress or experiencing health problems.  Getting together with other mums-to-be and sharing ideas can be really supportive and can be an opportunity to start addressing issues in the mother’s life as well as preparing for the baby.

This group is based on the Mellow Parenting principles and is targeted to families with additional needs.

Users of the group to date have included families with intensive levels of need, including addiction issues, previous child protection concerns, teenage parents and mental health concerns including the effects of trauma, domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse.