Circle of Security

Circle of Security groups are user-friendly, non-judgmental and highly enjoyable. Their aim is to help families tune into and respond to the emotional needs of their children. The groups will use the Circle of Security© (COS) Parenting DVD programme.

The COS is a highly respected, evidence-based clinical application of Attachment Theory. It was developed in the USA by three psychotherapists to meet the needs of the population using the Head Start programme and as such is accessible to participants from different cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and family structures. The group structure is flexible and can be adapted to work for different groups.

Parents of small children would enjoy the opportunity to tune in to the emotional needs of their children. However the programme was designed to be particularly helpful to families where the caregivers find it hard to have empathy for their child or to comprehend and respond to their child’s emotional needs. The programme has consistently proven to be very successful with clients where there are high levels of disorganisation and insecurity in the caregiver.