CIC.  Reg: 10708221

Total Family Coaching & parenting was formed in January 2016 by a group of highly-skilled professionals, with a wealth of experience working with families within local authority context.

Our Aims:

  • To work in partnership with voluntary organisations, charities, schools, private companies and businesses providing consultancy on working with young people and their families
  • To provide training, workshops and seminars on a range of issues that affect the human and socio-economic rights of marginalised and complex needs families
  • To provide group therapy and life skills training to families affected by multiple forms of deprivation
  • To work directly with families in different settings, providing coaching and parenting support to improve parent-child and couple relationship

Key principles:

  • Seeing parents as partners
  • Evidence-based interventions
  • Focus on improving outcomes for both children and families 
  • Addressing issues with parenting, adult-child and adult-adult relationship 
  • Looking at and addressing the needs of all adults in the child’s life   
  • Empowering and enabling families
Our service is designed to provide adaptable and holistic family support and parenting advice, including practical assistance to improve household relationships and environments. We will work with families to resolve a range of issues that are impacting their daily functioning, such as debt, negative child behaviour and mental health issues.  

Total Family Coaching Service will empower families to connect to local community and universal services.

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