Welcome to Total Family Coaching
We are a community based, locally rooted organisation consisting of highly skilled practitioners from different professional backgrounds experienced in working with children, young people, and families in any setting. 

We are a team of highly skilled, multi-lingual family and parenting practitioners, offering an intensive support package to reduce trauma and enhance the wellbeing of families by providing psychosocial support to individuals and groups, through practical and therapeutic approaches. 

We offer an inclusive service for families, to help them take on the big problems in their lives using a whole family model. We provide individual and group parenting and family coaching sessions tailored to fit each family’s needs.

Total Family Coaching stands for families' rights to better lives, access to support and equal opportunities. We believe in families and their ability to make positive changes and improve their relationships and quality of life. A core value of our work is respecting the humanity and dignity of all people under any circumstances.

Our Services

Family Coaching
Grief Recovery
Helping Children Deal with Loss
Parenting programmes

Nurturing Programme


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Daily Activities
​March - May 2019
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  1. Date
  2. Tuesday
    Circle of Security Helping Children Deal with Loss*
    10.30-12.30 11.00-12.30
    St Quintin Children's Centre Harrow Club
  3. Wednesday
    ​​The Freedom Programme
    Asian Women Centre
  4. Thursday
    ​​The Freedom Programme Combined Triple P
    10.30-12.30 01.00-03.00
    Violet Melchett The Curve
  5. Friday
    Women's Empowerment Group
    Harrow Club
  6. Monday
    The Freedom Programme
    Harrow Club

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